Working at Hilversum

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Working at Hilversum

As a municipality, we want to be part of society, not next to it. Hilversum must be a liveable and safe city, where everyone feels at home, where residents feel valued and where people can develop in their work and leisure time. To work together with the Hilversummers, we stay in touch with residents, companies and organizations. In this way, their concerns, ideas and wishes come directly to us.

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More information about working at Hilversum

You want to come and work for the municipality and want to know what we can offer you as an employer. Here you can read about the possibilities for hybrid working, developing yourself within the organization and about the collective labor agreement.
If you come or want to work at the municipality, there are employment conditions. Terms of employment are agreements regarding the work that are made between employer and employee. The terms and conditions are explained on this page.
You want to apply for a job at the municipality of Hilversum. Here you can read how the application procedure works.
An internship at the municipality of Hilversum is a great opportunity to discover what your talents are. You will have the opportunity to develop in your field and many responsibilities and tasks that fit your education.
If you want to know how you can reach us for questions about, for example, a vacancy or an internship.

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