You want to know what permits, local regulations, plans and other notices apply to your neighborhood
An integrity investigation when applying for permits, subsidies, and real estate transactions with the municipality and government contracts.
Apply for a permit to organize an event, report a neighborhood or street party or small event, report a party on your own property, report a party in your company, apply for tap exemption, noise during activities, fire safety.
You want to organize a lottery. You may need a permit for this. Or you want to organize a bingo, tombola or wheel of fortune. We call this a small game of chance. You must sometimes report these activities to the municipality.
You want to apply for, cancel or change a parking permit. There are different types of parking permits.
Applying for an environmental permit, the Welstand Committee, zoning plans, building in the city (BLVC plan), preliminary investigation of construction activities, reporting mobile rubble crusher, protected animals and construction activities
Operating permit, alcohol law permit for catering and liquor stores, alcohol law permit for associations and foundations, change manager, Bibob
The laws and regulations (ordinances) of the municipality that currently apply, including the general local ordinance (APV)
You will have to deal with the Environmental Act if, for example, you want to renovate your house, cut down a tree or start a business or community center somewhere.
You often need an environmental permit to build, renovate, demolish, install a dormer window, fell a tree, construct an exit or deviate from the environmental plan.