Benefit, work and social assistance

How much money you can get from social assistance depends on your situation. The social assistance supplements your income up to the social assistance standard that applies to you.
You are on welfare. Please notify us of any changes in your situation. For example, if you start working, move, divorce or go on holiday.
You are homeless or homeless and you want to apply for benefits. Which can. You can request this from the municipality where you are most frequent.
You have debts and you are unable to resolve this yourself or with the help of those around you. Then contact the municipality.
You are on welfare and you do voluntary work through an organisation. Then you may be able to get money from the municipality. This is called volunteer premium.
You are an employer and you hire someone with an occupational disability. Then you may be able to get compensation. This is called wage cost subsidy.
If you live in Hilversum and do voluntary work or are a caregiver, you are automatically insured through the municipality. This is free and you don't have to do anything yourself.
What are the options for volunteering? Which organizations are involved in this.