Income and benefits

You have an income of up to 130% of the social minimum. Then you may be able to get extra money to pay your energy bill. This is called energy surcharge.
You want to take energy-saving measures. You can have an EnergieKlusser come home free of charge through the municipality.
If you want to know what options there are to get your administration back in order or where you can go with small or large debts.
Your income is suddenly much lower and you can no longer pay your rent or mortgage. The housing allowance helps with this. You will then receive temporary money.
You have had an income of up to 3% of the social assistance standard that applies to you for at least 130 years. Then you may be able to get extra money.
Due to a special situation you have necessary costs that you cannot pay. Then you can apply for special assistance.
If you have a low income, you may be able to participate in the health insurance of the municipality of Hilversum, the collective health insurance.
You need a low income and financial assistance to replace a household appliance. Such as a washing machine, refrigerator or stove.
You have a low income or benefit. You can get money for your child from the Child Package. For example for sports, school, diapers or swimming lessons.
If you have a disability or chronic illness, a part-time job in addition to your studies is more difficult. Then you may be able to receive extra money.
You have a low income or benefits. From the activation scheme you can receive a maximum of €250 each year for sports, outings, your identity card or telephone subscription.
You can arrange and view various things at Mijn Hilversum. For example, you can see how the municipality has handled your report. Or add something to a case. For example, you can request a valuation report from the Digital Tax Desk. You can arrange things for your benefit at My Income.
You are a victim (parent and child) of the allowance affair (child care allowance). How can the municipality help you with this?