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This privacy statement provides additional information about how Social Square handles your personal data. In addition, we explain to you what your rights are herein.

The municipality of Hilversum has the task of providing care and support to Hilversum residents in the areas of participation, self-reliance, work and youth assistance. This is laid down in the Social Support Act (Wmo 2015), the Participation Act, the Youth Act and the Municipal Debt Assistance Act. For this we can process your personal data. We have the task of handling this information properly. How we do that is in it Privacy Policy 2020-2024. This contains the general requirements.

This privacy statement provides additional information about how Social Square handles your personal data. In addition, we explain to you what your rights are herein.

For what purposes do we use your data

We process your personal data for, for example:

  • Handling applications and facilities or paying benefits
  • To provide a facility, services and/or products to you
  • To call you if this is necessary to carry out our services
  • To tell you about changes to our services and products

We work together with other organizations for some of our tasks. Consider, for example, the use of care providers in the Wmo.

Automated decision-making

No automated decision-making takes place on individual requests. There is always a human touch. 

How do we handle your personal data

We handle your data properly and confidentially. Your data is well secured. By taking appropriate measures, we prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access and other unwanted actions with your personal data. The careful and confidential handling of your data is the task of all our employees. They are also bound by confidentiality. Your data will be processed by the employees if this is necessary for the performance of their task.

In most cases, the College van B en W is responsible for your personal data. We make written agreements with organizations that process your data on our behalf. With this we ensure that they handle your data at the same level of security and confidentiality. We remain responsible for the processing.

These measures are laid down in the Government Information Security Baseline (BIO). The BIO is included in the information security policy.

The Data Protection Officer (FG) of the municipality of Hilversum monitors compliance with privacy legislation. This officer checks, among other things, whether we comply with privacy legislation. The FG can be reached by e-mail.

Personal data processed by the Social Square

The Social Square uses personal data of residents, including minors.

Personal data that we use include name, date of birth, address, financial data, citizen service number and/or special personal data if necessary. For example, information about your health. We collect and use this personal data for special purposes, which are aligned with our duties, powers and obligations. It depends on the specific processing which personal data of which persons involved are processed and for what purpose we do this.

The processing of data about your health, for example, is extra protected by the legislator. We only process this data if it is necessary to perform our tasks and it appears from legislation that we are allowed to use it. 

Example: We need your income details if you receive a benefit from us. Income must be settled with the benefit. Data about your health is processed to determine whether you are eligible for a Wmo provision, such as individual counselling.

Anonymized personal data

To improve our services and to explain our policies we set

management reports, we conduct scientific research, statistics and/or a customer satisfaction survey. It only processes data without a name.

Legal basis

If it is necessary to process and exchange personal data about you and your family and personal situation, employees of the municipality adhere to obligations that the municipality has to protect the personal data.

The legal basis that is necessary to process personal data is called a basis. The Social Square only processes personal data on the basis of the legal bases stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), the AVG Implementation Act (UAVG) and sectoral laws in the social domain.

Based on these laws, we can conduct legality investigations and fraud investigations. This may mean that we check whether the support you receive is correct according to the law. We only do this in accordance with the guidelines of the applicable legislation and do not process more data than necessary.

How long do we keep your personal data

Your data will not be kept longer than necessary. We only keep your data for as long as this is necessary for the services that are provided or as long as the legal term stipulates. We adhere to the selection lists of the Archives Act 1995.

Your rights

As a resident or interested party, you can exercise your rights at the Social Square. This means that you may submit a request to view your personal data.

You may also request to correct, delete or limit the use of your personal data. If consent was the basis for the processing of personal data, you can withdraw it. Finally, in certain cases you can object to the processing of personal data by the municipality of Hilversum.

You can submit your request to your contact person at the Social Square.

After receiving your request, you will receive an answer within one month. We may ask you to further describe your request. In some cases we may extend the response time to two months. In a number of cases, the Social Square may (partially) refuse your request, for example because it concerns data of others. Furthermore, deleting data is not always possible. Among other things, we have to deal with legal retention periods.

Access to personal data

You will only have access to your personal data if you can identify yourself and demonstrate that the data you wish to view, correct or delete belongs to you. It is not allowed to view data of other persons. For example, if your partner also wants to make a request, this request will be handled separately.

Data protection in the domain of work, care, debts and youth care

Why do we use your data? For this, explanations have been compiled for each domain. This states how we handle your personal data, such as the type of data, the purposes and with whom we share the data.

Questions or contact

  • If you have any questions about data protection in the domain of work, care, debts or youth care, you can contact your permanent consultant or director.
  • If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, you can do so contact the privacy officer of the municipality of Hilversum
  • If you have any questions about the supervision of privacy or a complaint, it is possible to contact the Data Protection Officer. Please note that you do not include any confidential information in the email; this is to ensure your own privacy

Can't agree with us? Then you can also have one complaint or tip submit it to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Change of this privacy statement

This is the privacy statement for the Social Square of the municipality of Hilversum. This privacy statement can be adapted to amended laws and regulations and/or to the way in which we process personal data. This version was drawn up on June 11, 2021.