t(Read more about") Program week against loneliness
Sept 18, 2023
Join! A week full of activities throughout Hilversum. Everyone can participate!
t(Read more about") Week against Loneliness: Laser gaming on Friday, September 29
Sept 28, 2023
More than 1 in 10 high school students feel lonely. During the Week against Loneliness, Versa Welzijn therefore organizes activities, especially for young people. Youth worker Rico van Elst, who co-organizes the laser tag activity for teenagers, regularly sees young people who feel lonely: “We often encounter children who do not have many friends or are alone at home. That is why we think it is so important to do something for those young people during this week.”
t(Read more about") Week against Loneliness: Bake pancakes on Friday, September 29
Sept 28, 2023
In the Week against Loneliness, the activity 'baking pancakes with neighbors' is on the program on Friday, September 29. A fun, accessible way to meet your fellow Hilversumers while enjoying a delicious meal. We spoke with Gilia Steffens, who organizes the activity from the Philadelphia foundation.
t("Read more about") Budget 2024: high ambitions remain intact
September 22, 2023
On Friday, September 22, the municipality presented the 2024 Budget. A budget contains plans for how the money will be distributed in the coming year. Hilversum is in good financial shape. Unlike many other municipalities, Hilversum has managed to limit the increase in housing costs. Despite challenges and uncertainties, our city is sticking to the ambitions of the course set in June 2022.


t("Read more about") Coat of arms of Hilversum: 'Pretty simple and not saying much'
August 24, 2023
On the coat of arms of Hilversum you see four buckwheat grains of gold on a blue field. Bright and pure. That sounds better than 'quite simple and little saying', doesn't it.
t("Read more about") “We are a kind of ANWB for people who need care”
July 27, 2023
Katja Andringa and Henri Ten Brinke help people who need help finding the right care. Katja and Henri think along and help their clients with important appointments if necessary. They are independent client supporters of the MEE foundation.
t("Read more about") Unique archival documents discovered from World War II
May 11, 2023
A special discovery: police records of Hilversum prisoners from the Second World War. Hilversum residents were fined for, for example, stealing a bicycle, illegally slaughtering a cow or helping Jewish people go into hiding. And you can view those registers now! Recently researched archive documents also showed how much the Hilversum airport was of strategic importance to the occupying forces.
t("Read more about") Dudok doppelgangers: the building looks like 'a Dudok', but it isn't
four buildings that resemble a Dudok
October 27, 2022
Every Hilversummer recognizes a Dudok immediately. Or not? The architect not only fascinated with his designs, he also inspired. That is why in many places there are buildings that resemble a design by Willem Dudok, but were actually conceived by someone else. There are also a number in Hilversum. We spotted four.
t("Read more about") How a third of Hilversum went up in flames
The Grote Kerk was rebuilt in 1768
October 19, 2022
Hilversum was on fire several times. The worst Hilversum fire ever was in 1766: a third of the village went up in flames. October is 'Month of History' with the theme 'disasters'. We are happy to tell you the story of the fire disaster in Hilversum below. Would you like to tell something about the past, the good old or bad days? The Regional Archive has a digital platform and is eager for your anecdote.
t("Read more about") Prehistoric comb fields on the Hoorneboegse Heide
October 14, 2022
Where do you walk when you walk the dog? Guess: on the Hoorneboegse heide. We get it. Brilliant there. Did you know this too? You walk there - with or without a dog - over ancient raatakkers.

Road work

road work

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