Report it

You see something on the street that is broken or dirty, does not work or causes a nuisance. You can report this.
If the street lighting is broken, you can report it online. Or call 14 035. Include the number of the lamppost with the report.
You must report nuisance caused by rats or vermin on municipal land to the municipality. Have pests in your house or on your own land removed yourself.
You can report a blockage of the sewer in municipal land. You can solve a blockage of the sewer in your own soil yourself.
You want to report child abuse or domestic violence. This can happen if it happens to you, or if you think it is happening to someone else.
You are concerned about someone close to you. But this person doesn't want to take help. Or you are bothered by someone. Report and ask for help.
If you want to know what the rules are for cleaning up dog poop and where your dog is or is not allowed to run loose.