Objection to municipal decisions

If you do not agree with a decision of the municipality, you can object. You can send an objection digitally (with DigiD or eHerkenning) or by post. You cannot e-mail an objection.

What do you need to know

  • You must lodge an objection within 6 weeks after the decision has been announced
  • You can submit your objection online using DigiD or eHerkenning or send an objection by post
  • If you do not agree with your WOZ value or municipal taxes, you can object to municipal taxes

By mail

  • You can also send a notice of objection by post. That is a letter in which you describe what you disagree with. In your letter you state:
    • Your name, address and telephone number
    • The date on which you write the notice of objection
    • Which decision you are objecting to
    • Why do you object to this
    • Your signature
    • A copy of the decision to which you are objecting
  • Send your notice of objection to:
    • The Mayor and City Counsel Members
      P.O. Box 9900
      1201 GM Hilversum

After your objection

  • Your notice of objection will be handled by an employee of the municipality (official hearing) or by the appeals committee. That depends on the type of decision you are objecting to
  • Usually there is a hearing. This is a meeting where you can tell your story. If you do not want to be present, you can let us know on your objection. You can also have someone speak for you. This does not have to be a lawyer. You give someone written permission for this (an authorization). The authorization must be sent in advance or brought to the hearing
  • After the hearing, it will be determined whether your objection has a good reason and is therefore well-founded
  • The Municipal Executive will then make a decision on your objection
  • Treatment by committee: The municipality has 12 weeks after the treatment to make a decision. This can be extended to 18 weeks
  • Treatment by official hearing: The municipality has 6 weeks after the treatment to make a decision. This can be extended to 12 weeks

Court appeal

If your objection is rejected, you can appeal to the court. You pay a court fee for this. Are you right? Then you will be refunded these costs. You can read how you can appeal in the appendix to the decision on your notice of objection.

Preliminary injunction

Anyone who has received a permit can simply use it. Even if you have submitted an objection against this. If you want to stop using it, you must request it provisional provision (postponement). before the provisional relief judge of the Central Netherlands District Court. This is only possible if you have also submitted a notice of objection to the municipality.

Too late

If the municipality is too late with the decision on your objection, you can give the municipality notice of default. The municipality then still has 14 days to make a decision about your objection. After that, the municipality must pay you a penalty. You can request a penalty payment via the form from the Ministry of the Interior

More information

For more information, please call the secretariat of the appeals committee: 14 035

What does it cost

Submitting an objection is free