Responding to plans from the municipality

You can respond to the plans that the municipality has for a specific area (zoning plans). This can be done via e-mail, in writing or verbally.

What do you need to know

  • The environmental plan states how an area may be used, for example for housing, businesses or nature
  • The municipality can change the environmental plan
  • An environmental plan has different phases:
    • Preliminary draft of the amendment
    • Draft of the change
    • Established
    • Valid (current)

Preliminary draft of the amendment

  • In principle, you can view a preliminary draft of a change for 6 weeks at the municipality's website (administrative information) or in the Citizens' reading room in the Municipal Office
  • Anyone can respond in writing or orally during this period. Please email your response to Or call 14 035. In the case of a preliminary design, the consultation responses are taken into account by the mayor and aldermen in the design of the change. The council then submits the draft of the amendment for views. Views are addressed to the municipal council. The municipal council is ultimately responsible for adopting the amendment to the environmental plan.
  • With plans that have little impact on the environment, the municipality can decide to skip this step

Draft of the change

Adopted amendment to the environmental plan

Applicable amendment to the environmental plan

  • Once the amendment to the environmental plan has come into effect, the process is complete and you can no longer submit an appeal
  • Everyone must adhere to the rules of the change:
    • Residents
    • Business
    • Settings
    • The municipality

What do you have to do

  • You can only send your view on a draft change using DigiD or e-Herkenning or by letter. See the buttons at the top of this page.
  • You can respond to a preliminary draft of a change via, or call 14 035, or you write a letter
    • Municipality of Hilversum 
      P.O. Box 9900 
      1201 GM, Hilversum
  • Always clearly state which decision/change it concerns and also state the number of the decision
  • Explain exactly why you disagree with the decision/change and what other options you see

What does it cost

Responding or submitting an opinion is free

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