Building and renovating

You want to install a dormer window. You often need a permit for this. You can do a permit check and request via the Environment Desk.
You want to add extra space to your building by installing a roof structure. You must apply for an environmental permit.
You want to expand your building (extension) or add a new part to it (an extension). You may need to apply for an environmental permit.
You want to cut down, move or prune a tree. You may need to apply for a permit for this.
You want to carry out construction activities such as building, demolition, insulating, felling or constructing an exit. You must check whether there are plants or animals on the construction site that are protected. You may need to ask permission.
You want to renovate, restore or adapt a monument. You often need a permit for this. You can do a permit check and request via the Environment Desk.
You want to make a national or municipal monument more sustainable. You do not need a permit for simple measures such as applying radiator foil. You must apply for a permit for technical or structural adjustments.
You want to make adjustments to a building that is not a monument, but is in a protected cityscape. You may need to apply for a permit via the Environment Desk.
Report or apply for a permit for the demolition of a building or part thereof.
You want to remove or demolish asbestos (or have it removed). You must then always make a report. Sometimes you have to apply for a permit.
Applying for an environmental permit, the Welstand Committee, zoning plans, building in the city (BLVC plan), preliminary investigation of construction activities, reporting mobile rubble crusher, protected animals and construction activities
You want to know what permits, local regulations, plans and other notices apply to your neighborhood
You can request building plans for current environmental permits and (old) building permits. Downloading digital drawings is free.
If you need information about the quality of a specific piece of land, you can request soil information from the municipality.
With a soil test you have yourself examined whether the soil is polluted.
There is lead in the soil in various places in Hilversum. You can see these places on the map.
You are going to renovate a building to create independent homes (for example apartments). You need an environmental permit for this.
You are building or renovating and you want to know about your house number and the other address details of your (living) space.
Every piece of land and building has an environmental plan. These can be viewed online. You can respond to a draft environmental plan.
You will have to deal with the Environmental Act if, for example, you want to renovate your house, cut down a tree or start a business or community center somewhere.
If you want to change something in your home, garden, company or environment, go to the Environment Desk.
If you want to build underground, you must take groundwater into account. Basements must always be watertight.
You can have your plan(s) tested for feasibility before you apply for an environmental permit.
If you suffer damage because the municipality changes something in the zoning plan, you may be entitled to compensation.
The Environmental Act has been in effect since January 1, 2024. That law regulates everything for the space in which we live, work and stay.