Due to a national outage, our telephone number 14 035 is not working. You can reach us on telephone number 035 6292000.

Open Government Act (Woo)

Everyone has the right to public information from the government. This is stated in the Open Government Act (Woo). This Act replaces the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob). A lot of information is already online and you can find it yourself. If you need help, the Woo contact can help you. If it subsequently appears that the information you wish to request has not (yet) been made public, you can submit an application.

Public information

Request help with information

Information is often public or you can request information from us. A Woo request is then not necessary. If you need help finding information someone can help you. This is the Woo contact. Call to (035) 629 15 00.

Information request

If you have a general question or would like to receive information, you can also submit an information request. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt of your request.

Make an information request here.

Woo request

If information is not public and you want the municipality to make it public, you can submit a Woo request.

After your request

  • The Woo request takes 4 weeks to process
  • This can be extended by 2 weeks if your request is large or complicated
  • Sometimes some of the information is not made public. For example, if personal data is mentioned
  • If you have not received the information you asked for, please call (035) 629 29 85. you can also to object

What does it cost

  • An information request or Woo request is free

Send information

  • By e-mail is free
  • Per post you pay € 0,35 per page (from 12 pages), 11 pages or less are free