Influence on the municipality

You can influence the decisions of the municipality. You can give your opinion in various ways: for example, to speak at a committee meeting, to email the municipality, to contact an alderman, to object or to submit a complaint.

Read information

  • On the page Notifications you can read where plans and decisions of the municipality are announced


You can give your opinion in the following ways:

Speaking to council committees

  • You can tell the municipality what you think, that is what the municipality calls it record
  • You cannot speak during a municipal council meeting, but you can during the preparatory one council committee meetings

Contact with the city council

Contact with the alderman

  • If you have any questions or comments, you can mayor send an e-mail
  • You can also make an appointment via the secretariat of the Municipal Executive, telephone number 14 035

Responding to zoning plans (opinion)

Have a say


Complaint, objection appeal

  • If you have a complaint about the municipality or a civil servant, want to object to a municipal decision or appeal, go to the page complaint, objection, appeal

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