council committees

The committee members advise on proposals. You can speak to a council committee. Subjects are also discussed with the Executive Board in the committee.

What is a commission

  • A committee consists of councilors and committee members
  • The committee checks whether the submitted documents are clear enough to make a decision in the council
  • At the request of the Municipal Executive, the Committee also advises on other subjects that are not (yet) on the Council agenda
  • Political groups themselves can also put a subject on the agenda of the committee
  • If there are questions, they will be put to the committee, for example to the portfolio holder. That is the director who is responsible for that subject
  • The committees are divided into subjects (4 specialist committees)
    1. Care, Welfare and Society    
      Portfolio holders: Bart Heller, Gerben van Voorden
    2. Spatial Planning and Projects
      Portfolio holders: Arno Scheepers
    3. Sustainability and Accessibility
      Portfolio holder: Bart Heller
    4. Governance and Economy
      Portfolio holders: Bart Heller, Arno Scheepers, Gerhard van den Top, Gerben van Voorden
  • There is a question hour once per meeting cycle. The factions can then ask all members of the Executive Board questions about subjects that are not on the meeting agenda
  • There are 4 committees for each council meeting. Usually there are 2 committees at the same time on Wednesday evenings. Sometimes there is also an extension to Thursday

Meeting agenda

View the agenda and meeting documents

  • You can see where and when the committee meetings are in the meeting agenda
  • You can also view the documents that are on the agenda


Committee meetings are held in the weeks leading up to council meetings. You can always walk in at a committee meeting. There is a time schedule on the agenda. You don't have to stay at the meeting all night. The committee meetings are held in Hilversum Town Hall.

Give your opinion (record)

You can speak to a committee. That means telling the councilors and committee members who are there how you feel about a subject. You can comment on most topics on the agenda. But also about subjects that are not on the agenda. You cannot speak at a council meeting.

  • If you would like to register, please register at
  • If you want to speak on a subject that is not on the agenda, please report this at least 24 hours in advance. You do this via
  • If you want to give a short presentation on a subject that is not on the agenda, please contact the registry. The registry will discuss with you whether and when the presentation can be presented to the committee
  • There are topics you cannot comment on. For example, a current permit application. You can read more about it in it Rules of Procedure
  • You don't have to sign up if you just come to watch and listen

During the meeting

  • The chairman determines who may speak at what time
  • As a speaker, you have a maximum of 5 minutes of speaking time. If there are many speakers, the chairman can decide to shorten this time
  • Then the committee members can ask you questions. You may answer this one
  • If the subject is on the agenda, the committee members and the portfolio holder will then discuss the subject. Then you can give a short reaction (1 minute)
  • Finally, the portfolio holder responds
  • The minutes of the meeting can be found at hilversum.

Alternatives to recording