Due to a national outage, our telephone number 14 035 is not working. You can reach us on telephone number 035 6292000.

Contact with the city council

You can send an e-mail, contact a councilor or leave a comment at a committee meeting. You can reach the municipal council via the registry of the municipality of Hilversum.

Contact with the city council

  • If you would like to bring a subject to the attention of the municipal council, have a question or would like to speak to a council committee, please contact the clerk's office.
  • A letter to the council is treated as an incoming document in the municipal council. The council will decide how your letter will be handled further. You can send your letter to the registry. We prefer to receive your letter by e-mail:

Registry Municipality of Hilversum
P.O. Box 9900
1201 GM Hilversum
(035) 62 92 479

Contact with a councilor

  • If you would like to speak to a specific councilor or committee member, please contact this person directly. You can look at the page city ​​council members for the contact details

Give your opinion (record)

  • You can join a committee record† Participation means you can give your opinion
  • You cannot speak at council meetings