The Mayor and City Counsel Members

The mayor and aldermen each have their own portfolio. The portfolio contains the tasks and subjects they are involved in. In their work, the mayor and aldermen receive advice from the municipal secretary. See the pages of the directors for more information about their portfolio and ancillary positions.

Contact with the board of B and W

  • The secretariat of B and W can be reached via the general telephone number 14 035
  • Consultation hour with aldermen and mayor by appointment
  • Check out the directors' pages for more information about their portfolio and contact options


Journalists can direct their questions to the spokespersons of the Board of B and W.

For press inquiries to the City Council, please contact the Clerk's Office at:

Download press photos here of the college of B and W.

Related parties

Affiliated parties are organizations to which the municipality commits itself. In administrative and/or financial terms.

  • Tomin: B. Heller, replacement NGT van Voorden
  • OFGV: K. van Hunnik, replacement KJ Walters
  • Region Gooi & Vechtstreek: K. van Hunnik, replacement KJ Walters (Mayor is chairman of the Region)
  • Security region: Mayor GM van den Top
  • GNR: B. Heller, replacement ARC Scheepers 
  • MRA and EBU: ARC Scheepers
  • Vitens: ARC Scheepers
  • Funeral Foundation Hilversum: ARC Scheepers
  • Parking cooperative: B. Heller
  • GEM Crailo: KJ Walters (AVA)
  • ARC Scheepers (Administrative Consultation)
  • BNG: KJ Walters (AVA)

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