You want to know what permits, local regulations, plans and other notices apply to your neighborhood. Such as a new zoning plan, permit for an event, renovation or felling a tree. You can find this information on, in the MilieuAlert app and the Gooi and Eembode

Notifications near you

  • you go to
  • At 'postal code' and 'house number' enter your zip code and house number
  • At 'radius' you enter the number of meters of the area in which you want to search

You can automatically stay up to date with posts about your neighborhood. Sign up for the email service.

It is also possible to be kept informed via a free app. For more information, visit AmbientAlert.

Advanced search

  • You can also search more extensively on
  • For example if you have a file number or if you want to search by date

Local Laws and Regulations


Citizens' reading room

  • Sometimes disclosures have additional documents
  • This can be, for example, designs, drawings or zoning plans
  • You can find these in the Citizens' Reading Room at the Municipal Office on the Oude Enghweg 23 and in the Digital Citizen Reading Room

also look at