WOZ value

The municipality uses various data to determine the WOZ value of your house or building. Such as surface area, construction drawings and renovations that have been carried out recently. You can view the WOZ value of your home at the WOZ value counter. In March you will see the value for the current tax year.

Haven't received a WOZ value yet?

A small proportion of residents have not yet received a WOZ value for the 2023 tax year. Our aim is to have sent the WOZ values ​​before 1 July 2023. For the tax return that must be submitted before 1 May, you need the WOZ value of tax year 2022. The tax authorities pre-enter this value for you on the tax return.

What do you need to know


The municipality determines the value (appraises) of your home. This is done by WOZ appraisers. For example, they look at:

  • Surface
  • Aerial and 360-degree photos
  • Known renovations or adjustments to your home
  • Sales prices from the land register of the same type of housing in the area
  • Sales value (if sold empty on the free market) on January 1 of the previous year

You can view the WOZ value of your home on the website of the WOZ value counter.


The municipality determines the value of non-residential properties such as shops, companies and offices by looking at, for example:

  • The rent per m2
  • Type of building
  • State of the building
  • Address and location of the building

Valuation report

  • In Digital Tax Desk you can download your valuation report. You need your DigiD or eHerkenning for this
  • You can also see which homes your home has been compared to

Valuation room

De Valuation room checks whether municipalities implement the Real Estate Valuation Act (WOZ) properly.

What do you have to do

  • You can ask your questions about the WOZ value via: woz@hilversum.nl of 14 035
  • To answer your question quickly, we need your citizen service number (BSN), subject number or assessment number