Hilversum, media city

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Arrange immediately

Report a fallen tree, broken street lighting, vermin, litter, oak processionary caterpillar, nuisance, criminal activity, domestic violence, discrimination, something lost or found
Contact the municipality and make an appointment. City office, Town hall, Social Square, Regional Archives, Citizens' Reading Room, Clerk's Office
Apply for or renew, lost or stolen, traveling with children, passport for foreigners and refugees
Moving, registering, emigrating and immigrating, postal address, administrative fine
If you want to apply for, collect or exchange a driver's license. Or if your driver's license has been lost or stolen. Or a health certificate
Energy allowance, study allowance, allowance affair (child scheme), health insurance, housing allowance, individual income allowance, activation scheme, child package, extra money for the chronically ill and disabled
Parking permits, paid parking, disabled parking and card, charging electric cars, parking fines, towing, loading and unloading in the shopping area

Board and organization

Who is on the city council, what they do, how you can participate. Meeting agenda.

More information about

Property tax (OZB), WOZ value, remission, objection, waste levy, dog tax, sewerage levy, precario tax, pay
Announcements, soil information, asbestos, apartments, renovation of monuments, construction drawings, demolition, sewer connection
If you want to know how things are arranged in Hilversum with regard to the reception of (Ukrainian) refugees, asylum seekers and status holders. Or if you want to know what the Distribution Act entails.
Contacts, financial help, organizing a party, parking permit, starting childcare, tax
All projects being worked on in Hilversum. News and information about how the projects are going and what the schedule is
Benefits and income, help for your child, care and support, independent living, Wmo, Loket Geldzorgen, advisory council
Construction, demolition, events, alcohol sales, pitches, childcare, banners, flyers, ordinances (APV) and announcements


t(Read more about") Apply for your energy allowance now
December 7, 2023 ·
It is cold, so the heating is on and we use more gas. If you have an income of up to 130% of the minimum wage, you may be entitled to the one-off energy allowance of € 1.300. You can request this from now on. And did you know that Hilversum used to have its own gas factory? In this article we will tell you all about it.
t(Read more about") Terrible accident on A1 hits Hilversum
December 3, 2023 ·
Last Saturday, December 2 at 22:00 PM, a fatal accident occurred on the A1 near Amersfoort. A Hilversum family was involved in the accident.